The Collection 

In a world full of trends
I would like my designs to remain classics

Welcome to our luxury Irish designer silk collection. A range of printed accessories for men and women. Inspired by travel photography, designs emerge from a wonderland of vibrant colours and dramatic patterns. Each scarf hints at a story inspired by faraway lands – exotic, eccentric, bold and daring. 

These exquisite scarves will appeal to people who want to stand out from the crowd, who appreciate unique and exclusive accessories that aren't available on the high street. These flamboyant colourful accessories are an extension of your personality, adding chic sophistication and distinction to their look.

The brand tagline “Make the Story Yours” seeks to spark something in the wearer from both an aesthetic and an emotional perspective.The designer hopes that people might feel drawn to a particular design, as it may spark a fond memory for them or they might want to share the story and make it personal to them.

As an emerging label, a major part of my brand ethos, is that the collection is not driven by  following seasons I am inclined to present a single collection annually or varied collection twice a year. I believe that having well-designed staples in the collection that can appear again and again, keeping some ‘Hero Classics’ that will always be repeated and release new designs throughout the year, as they are being produced, keeping the collection fresh and ever-changing. Exciting an intriguing, leaving the customer engaged with content and new arrivals.

This non-season led way of designing works well for me, as I can take the time and care with each individual design and product, to ensure my silks are of the highest standard in every way. It leaves me more time to focus on what is really important - the brand, quality of design and craftsmanship. It and also means people can choose from my collection whatever time of the year it is, whatever colour or outfit they need to match to. There will always be something in the range to suit every individual taste and personality.