Wild Scarves Inspired by the Festival of Lights at Dublin Zoo

A must see experience over Christmas was the Wild Lights exhibition at Dublin zoo. I was so excited to surprise my daughter and watch her light up in amazement when she arrived at the venue. And she did not disappoint. She lit up like she was seeing aliens landing...  jaw-dropping with amazement. Her big eyes reflecting all the wonderful dazzling colours and shapes that spiraled and whirred around her.

It was a real family experience but also couples romantically holding hands through the enchanted giant lantern filled trail and archways and children frantically charging about to see what was to come next. A big wow factor was the 20 foot porcelain elephant tower and  30-metre dragon whose tail seemed to go on forever.

Every corner you turned were enormous illuminated sculptures inspired by animals and wildlife, dotted through the foliage and undergrowth, creeping, hiding and others ready to pounce. Every corner you turned there was something even more wonderful to see. A pride of lions, swinging orangutans, stealth tigers, tall giraffes, mischievous monkeys. The place was alive with colour,  and pattern and textures. For me, of course, this was a wonderland, full of inspiration and ideas.

I suppose for me the dragon was the most spectacular with its scales and talons, sharp teeth and beard. Too many colours to choose from. 

Here is a sneaky preview of a new scarf design from my upcoming collection, inspired by the enormous dragon and colourful lights at the wild lights show. A magical unforgettable experience that left lasting memories for us both.

Debbie Millington