Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and its famous Toffee Apples

I loved to visit the open-air farmers market at Pike Place in Seattle. Overlooking Elliott Bay and the Seattle waterfront it always made for a wonderful stroll on a  Sunday afternoon. The market is full of farmers selling everything from flowers, cheeses, meat and fish, crafts and wares.There was always an energetic commotion and buzz at the Pike Place Fish stand as people would gather to see the famous “ Fish Toss” where the fishmongers, all dressed in oversized orange rubber dungarees and big rubber boots, would hover waiting to take orders form the unassuming customers. The fishmongers on the outside would take the order, then shout the order out very loud to the fishmongers on the inside, who would repeat the order in chant. Then the fish would get thrown amongst the fishmongers before being bagged ready for the sale. It never failed to put a smile on my face. The only place in the world I think that you get a song and a dance with your purchase.

Next stop would be the Rocky Mountain Chocolatier and Factory just a stone's throw from the market. With caramel apples out of this world, the mouthwatering displays were hard to walk by. I love all the designs on the toffee apples, the sprinkles and candies, the flavors and colours. Cinnamon candy apple, rocky road apple pie, English toffee, triple chocolate, pecan caramel apple, chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallow skewers, truffles and fudge. 

This classic square scarf was inspired by all the wonderful toffee apples on sale that day, that my eyes were able to feast on window shopping and the wonderful repeat print image they create on silk.

Debbie Millington