Banana Bunches Mens Pocket Square

Banana Bunches Mens Pocket Square


Travel Diary: 22 April 2007.  Hampi, India. 

"I remember one humid summer day in India, I was out walking, when I stumbled upon a field of banana trees. Wonderfully shady, it was a welcome escape from the blistering heat. I ambled through the largely shaded leafy fields which were beautifully dappled in patterned light and admired all the fruit filled trees, growing organically and natural. As I wandered a little further I found the roadside and there, all stacked by the path were these enormous bunches of bananas ready for loading for the local market. They made such interesting tonal colours, the light playing with the shapes and shadows of the fruits and the fabulously intense vivid green was eye catching. I love this repeat print as it resembles a batik print which mirrors the ethnic style and pattern of traditional Indian Saris.  "

Made on 100% silk satin with rolled hems

45 cm x 45 cm


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