Carousel Mens Pocket Square

Carousel Mens Pocket Square


Travel Diary : Venice , Italy, Easter 2009

"I just love carousels, watching the ornate carved and painted horses as they gallantly whirr around in mesmerising circles. The glints of mirror and gold paint. The gentle tinkling of music that sounds reminiscent of a child's wind up trinket box. Carousels are often a subject that I love to photograph, but this photograph in particular was taken in the main Piazza in Venice. The carousel looked so wonderful against the medieval backdrop of the masquerade location. I have isolated the image of the carved horse and repeated it on silk for a stunningly dramatic effect. It is simply exquisite and divinely luxurious. Silky silvery greys, eye candy pinks and sophisticated navy trim border"

Printed on 100% Silk Satin with rolled hems.  

45 cm x 45 cm


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