Cockerels & Dragons Pink Silk Scarf

Cockerels & Dragons Pink Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary: Beijing, China. December 2007

"This scarf is a combination of two divine images. The first is the carved dragon head that I photographed in a Summer Palace in Beijing China. The palace is a vast architectural ensemble of lakes, gardens and temples which are all ornately decorated with carved beams, buttresses, rooftops and pillars. Your eye is constantly dazzled by texture and design embellishment. I have created a repeat of this image and teamed it up with a photo of some chickens and cockerels. I love the cockerel. Its is a bird that we totally under estimate its beauty. Dark black and green caped plumage and rich red wattle under its beak. I think these combined images create a very unique and unusual design, a conversational show piece for sure. "

Made on 100% silk twill with rolled hems.

90 cm x 90 cm


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