Monkey Puzzle Silk Scarf

Monkey Puzzle Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary: Botanical Gardens, Wicklow, Ireland.  16 April 2017

"I remember as a child I would visit relatives in their country house in the outskirts of Dublin. They had the most wonderful gardens, filled with flower beds of peony roses and bright yellow daffodils that lined the whole drive up the main gate. What stays in my memory were two enormously majestic monkey puzzle trees that stood in the front lawn. Unusual to me as a child as their branches were riddled with monkeys tails!! Recently I encountered these wondrous trees again in the National Botanical Gardens in Wicklow. These ones, only in their infancy, made for a great photo. I just love this dramatic repeat print in vivid purple. "

Made in Cotswolds England, 100% silk satin with rolled hems.


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