Quiver Tree Large Silk Wrap scarf

Quiver Tree Large Silk Wrap scarf


Travel Dairy: Kalahari Desert, Namibia. Africa. February 2011.

"I remember I was on an overland trip from Capetown to Kenya. A 43 day truck safari across Africa. We camped overnight in the Namibian Kalahari desert under the stars. It was simply magical. Next morning we trekked to a formation of enormous rocks and clambered to the top only to encounter the most beautiful spectacle. Beyond the rocks was a mini forest of these gold barked trees called Quiver trees. The Quiver tree’s most attractive feature is its bark which looks golden as it peels, flakes and cracks its way down the tree. The gold bark against the blue blue sky was unforgettable. I have added a toy Cheetahs to the pattern to give it an all-round ethnic feel”

Made on 100% silk satin with rolled hems

138 cm x 138 cm


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