Squid Pink Mens Pocket Square

Squid Pink Mens Pocket Square


Travel Diary: 25 March 2011. Zanzibar, East Africa

"I was walking through a busy village spice market in Zanzibar. The aroma of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon wafted through the air. The market was bustling and busy with shoppers and stall owners. There were large wooden crates piled high beside me. As I peeked inside I noticed they were full of dried squid. Not my idea of a treat for dinner , but their dried out crispy tentacles and suckers did grab my attention. I took a quick photo for my journal.  Delighted that the snapshot inspired this fabulously interesting repeat print on silk. Unusual and unique, this design is super luxurious in any of the colour schemes." 

Made on 100% silk satin with rolled  hems .

45 cm x 45 cm


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