Toffee Apples Silk Scarf

Toffee Apples Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary : Seattle, USA, 5 March 2011

"Pick your poison! I  remember I loved to treat myself at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Seattle. A candies and chocolatier shop near the famous market district. I would stand eyeing up all the trays of tantalising toffee apples, covered in colourful sprinkles, toffee, caramel, chocolate and  marshmallows. This scarf I named in honour of all those deliciously mouth watering toffee apples.  Exquisite in silk. Bold, daring, striking colours. Hot cerise pink, punchy purple and canary yellow inspired by all the hundreds and thousands and sprinkles that garnished the top."

Printed on 100% silk satin with rolled hems.


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