Turaco Parrot Blush Large Silk Wrap Scarf

Turaco Parrot Blush Large Silk Wrap Scarf


Travel Diary:  Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo,  December 2017.

“Christmas eve at the Wild Lights extravaganza at Dublin zoo. A spectacular event eagerly awaited. We wandered through the gates immediately welcomed by an archway of giant colourful red and gold lanterns. I was mesmerised by the enchanted trail of illuminated animal sculptures ….lions, giraffes, birds, elephants, gorillas. As I turned the corner I was dazzled by a colourful array of beautifully crafted giant cherry blossoms trees, the silk flowers and buds illuminated with colour. I was in awe of the intricate patterns they created. An unforgettable experience"

Made on 100% silk satin with rolled hems

136 x 136 cm

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