Zebras Yellow Silk Scarf - Classic Square

Zebras Yellow Silk Scarf - Classic Square


Travel Diary:   Ngorongoro Crater, The Serengeti, East Africa. January 2011.

We huddled together vying for roof space in the open air safari jeep with our binoculars. The views were breathtaking and the air was buzzing with excitement. Herds of grazing wildebeest and impala. Leopards sprawled lazily across the branches of shaded trees, hippos cooling in muddy watering holes, crocodiles lying motionless on the banks and prides of lions so close it felt we could touch them with our hands. As we looked more intently we could see chameleons clinging to parched branches, kingfishers waiting patiently for their catch, cheetahs hiding hunched in the tall grasses and zebras grazing unperturbed by their presence. The Ngorongoro Crater is the world's largest inactive unfilled volcano and is a protected World Heritage Site, part of the Serengeti ecosystem. Now a lush paradise to a huge variety of birds and wildlife, they live harmoniously in its unspoilt pastures. Our safari trip in Ngoronogoro was an unforgettable experience. One that will stay with me forever

Made on 100% silk satin with rolled hems

90 cm x 90 cm

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