Caribbean Purple Silk Scarf

Caribbean Purple Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary:  Speyside, Tobago. March 2012.

"I used to love my lazy days sunbathing on the local beach just below my apartment. The gentle refreshing swims in the cool crystal clear waters and lapping up the relaxation. I would swim out and take a glance back at the majestical backdrop of dense tropical rainforests and velvety green hills that framed the secluded beach cove. Just as the heat was falling out of the sun, I would try and catch the final glimpse of sunset on the neighbouring beach. I could access it by a narrow path through the rocks. As you rounded the headland I would arrive at the next beach. A beautiful long stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see. Small fishing boats were often anchored here. I would sit and watch the fishermen busily returning with their catches and other men tinkering with boats that sat idly on the sand, upturned waiting for long overdue repairs. The beach was lined with fishing huts and small restaurants and a long jetty that stretched into the sea, where the local children would dive off it into the deep water. There was always a wonderful smell of fish barbecues - barracuda steaks, giant grilled prawns, snapper, grouper and crab dumplings.  I would inevitably treat myself to an irresistible freshly made fruit sorbet, a different fruit of choice every day or a mixture- guava, pineapple, passionfruit, watermelon, papaya and starfruit ...before sauntering off home for bedtime. This scarf design reminds me of all those wonderful days in the Caribbean. The sun, the heat, the beaches, the ocean, the wonderful bird, marine and wildlife. "

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All scarves are sustainably printed on 100% soft natural silk. Each colourful scarf is inspired by world travel and uniquely designed to enhance your skin tone and boost your complexion with radiance, glamour and vitality.

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