Henna Hands Silk Scarf

Henna Hands Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary: Rajasthan, India. 9 October 2007

"I remember my travel companion and I, while backpacking around India, decided to get some Henna painted onto our hands. It looked so beautiful and I was always intrigued by the process. Medhni is an ancient form of body art that uses Henna paste made from ground Henna leaves and turmeric, to dye and decorate the skin. The henna is usually painted in symbolic representations of the sun, flora and fauna on your hands and feet, usually for ceremonies such as weddings, brides would wear the henna to symbolise fertility, joy and beauty. The pattern on this particular scarf is the henna design from my hands, retraced and repeated, to create this wonderfully intricate pattern. I have then added vibrant jewel colours inspired by precious gemstones, ruby red, pink amethyst, blue sapphires. "


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All scarves are sustainably printed on 100% soft natural silk. Each colourful scarf is inspired by world travel and uniquely designed to enhance your skin tone and boost your complexion with radiance, glamour and vitality.

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