Kabuki Faces Silk Scarf

Kabuki Faces Silk Scarf

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Travel Diary: Minamiza Theater, Kyoto, Japan. 2002.

“ I remember while staying in Kyoto, one of the must-do’s for me was to see a traditional Kabuki theatre show. And to see it at the famous Minamiza Theatre, in the Gion District was also high on my agenda. Kabuki is an art form rich in showmanship and has always been a fascination to me. I really wanted to see the show for myself , the elaborate costumes, eye-catching make-up, outlandish wigs and the dynamic stage sets along with all the revolving platforms and trapdoors, to keep me on my toes. The plots of the Kabuki shows are usually love stories or tales of tragedy of conspiracy. And it is a performance that will stay in my memory forever , continuing to inspire the colours and designs in my collection”

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All scarves are sustainably printed on 100% soft natural silk. Each colourful scarf is inspired by world travel and uniquely designed to enhance your skin tone and boost your complexion with radiance, glamour and vitality.

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