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An icon of luxury, the classic silk scarf represents quality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Our colour enriched scarves are uniquely designed to enhance your mood and boost your skin tone, adding instant radiance and glamour to your complexion.

Individually printed on the softest natural silk with blends of exotic colour and dramatic pattern, our scarf collection brings you a sophisticated heirloom piece that will transcend all seasons and generations. 

Designs are inspired by personal travel photography and encompass a wonderland of tales and adventures from Ireland and around the world.

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  • Venice Masquerade Mask Silk Scarf

    “I love carnival time in Venice, breathing in all the lively atmosphere that invades this magical city, abuzz with costumed characters, street performers, open air concerts and entertainment, parades of brightly decorated boats and exquisite food stalls. Experience the wonderful classical music and traditional artists of the Commedia dell'arte. It is the wonderment, magic and excitement that surrounds this event that just draws you in. I especially love perusing the shops for authentic Venetian masks, hand made out of papier maché, the colours are bold and brash with elaborate braids and precious hand painted details. "

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  • Wolves Teal & Green Silk Scarf

    " In most native American cultures and mythology, the Wolf is associated with courage, strength, loyalty and to have healing and hunting powers. They are considered closely related to humans by many North American tribes, and their stories tell of their ancestors being transformed from wolves into men. The Navajo word for wolf means a person could transform if he or she donned a wolf skin. "

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  • Kabuki Silk Scarf

    “ I remember while staying in Kyoto, one of things highest on my bucket list, was to see a traditional Kabuki theatre show. And to see it at the famous Minamiza Theatre was also high on my agenda. Kabuki is an art form rich in showmanship and has always been a fascination to me. I really wanted to see the show for myself , the elaborate costumes, eye-catching make-up, outlandish wigs and the dynamic stage sets along with all the revolving platforms and trapdoors, to keep me on my toes. The plots of the Kabuki shows are traditionally love stories or tales of tragedy or conspiracy."

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 What colour personality are you …?

  • Red

    Passionate, strong, courageous, romantic & rebellious

  • Orange

    Adventurous, brave, successful, creative, optimistic & enthusiastic

  • Yellow

    Optimistic, positive, spontaneous, creative, energetic & radiant

  • Purple

    Creative, ambitious, mysterious, elegant & successful

  • Green

    Peaceful, dependable, harmonious, calm, balanced & youthful

  • Grey

    Balanced, conservative, practical, formal, mature, stable & strong

  • Pink

    Compassionate, loving, playful, feminine, beautiful & vivacious

  • Blue

    Calm, dependable, loyal, honest, trustworthy & reliable

  • Black

    Dramatic chic, sophisticated, elegant, seductive & glamorous

  • Brown

    Natural, honest, simplistic, dependable, stable & reliable


Spring into Summer


Rich and luxurious subtle autumnal hues in 100% soft natural silk.

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Autumn into Winter


Designed to boost your skin tone and enrich your complexion.

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What they said“

Wearing my much admired Debbie Millington silk wrap is like wearing a unique piece of art. The design is classic, colours are magnificently bright and the silk is so luxuriously soft, it drapes beautifully. I adore the vibrant colours which instantly add radiance to my skin tone and make me look and feel a million dollars
— Stella McGuire - County Meath , Ireland

Harvey Nichols Dundrum


Zebras Collection

Always a winning design .


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Hero Classics

Search here for Hero Classic heirloom designs that will transcend all the seasons and generations