Product Care

Preserve the condition of your scarf and maintain its colour, strength and value. How you store, wear and wash your silk will also help the longevity of your silk’s life. Scarves are easy to store and extremely versatile. Keeping them in great condition is extremely important, as stains and tears greatly devalue the piece.
Here’s a few simple tips to keep your silk scarf in excellent condition.

Avoid wearing your silk scarf on a rainy day.

Avoid using scarf clips, rings, pins or brooches. on or near your silk.

Never store your scarf in a drawer alongside sharp jewellery, belt buckles, zips.

Avoid wearing your scarf on coats with Velcro fastening.

Store your silk scarf away from sunlight.

Keep it folded in its original box or soft bag.

Silk hates moisture so always store in its original breathable box or bag

Wash & Dry

Three ways to wash and care for your silks

Dry Clean in professional cleaners.

Machine Wash - Place your silks inside a pillowcase and into the machine drum. Using a mild Delicates liquid, wash at no more than 30 degrees and follow drying instructions.

Hand Wash - Add two drops of mild Delicates liquid to a basin of cold/ lukewarm water and create bubbles. Add your silk and gently swish and swirl. Do not leave the silk in water for a long time as the silk becomes soggy and brittle. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Squeeze out the water. Do not wring or twist the silk. Follow drying instructions.

Drying - Tease the silk back into shape and place on a flat towel. Roll the silk flat inside the towel. Pat & roll dry. Do not wring or twist the silk.

Unroll and hang out to dry. Dry inside on a rail until partially damp and then iron the non-shiny reverse side at a low/medium heat. Do not tumble dry